Tony Frudakis

Tony Frudakis

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Tony Frudakis is the founder and former chief executive officer of DNAPrint Genomics, developer of the world’s first genomic ancestry panels and pioneer of today’s $300 million genetic ancestry market. In 2001, Genome Technology Magazine readers voted Dr. Frudakis “Most Influential” in the SNP category.

He is also the founder and former chief executive officer of Okeanos Technologies, developer of an electronic desalination process that won the 2014 Ocean Exchange Gulfstream Navigator award and which has been named by Fast Company as one the world’s most innovative companies. He has also served as vice president and director of genomic medicine at GLG Pharma, a developer of next-generation precision oncology therapies for STAT3-driven hyperproliferative diseases.

Dr. Frudakis is the author of Molecular Photofitting: Predicting Ancestry and Phenotype Using DNA, a graduate-level human genomics textbook, as well as numerous other publications, conference presentations, patents and successful grant applications. The first patents for genomic ancestry and phenotyping compositions and methods were filed by Dr. Frudakis

He holds a Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from the University of California, Berkeley and has served as an adjunct professor of biological sciences at St. Petersburg College. He currently serves on the scientific advisory boards of Precision Therapeutics, a cutting-edge precision oncology platform; and GreenTech Endeavors, which is developing new energy storage and generation systems.